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March 2018 11th Dash has been sold to a wonderful home on weaning.
Feb 2018 17th Our little boy Chief has been sold to a wonderful home on weaning.
Jan 2018 21st Madi has given us a beautiful filly for the last foal of the season, see our foal page to see Moe.

2nd Gypsy, owned by Anyssa Park has foaled a stunning colt by Twist. The first baby by Twist since we purchased him. One foal left to be born at Loadstar this season.
Dec 2017 24th Our second foal and another colt :) See Dash on the  foal page...
3rd Our first foal is here safe and sound :) See Chief on the foal page...
Nov 2017 Flag has been to a handful of shows now including the MH&PE National and both IMHR and MHAA NSW State shows - and he is just doing so well, unbeaten in the classic head classes he consistently places well in all his classes.
Sept 2017 2nd Flag has been to his first show and has done us very proud, off to a shakey start he was a bit nervous in the ring but still managed a second, but by the end of the show he was doing so well and came home with a 1st in classic head and a 3rd in classic trot.
May 2017 14th Image has been sold, she's got a very important job as show horse nanny and will also hit the ring again herself :)
March 2017 8th Indy and Rebel have been sold to an awesome home.
Jan 2017 20th We have added a new stallion to our small herd. See Twist on the stallions page.
Nov 2016 25th Our sales page has been updated, we have a couple of lovely pets for sale :)
Oct 2016 10th Breeze and Wiz have given us a stunning, wildly marked colt, see Flag on the foals page.

Also sad news with the loss of Belle's lovely colt during birth earlier this week. Thankfully Belle has made a full recovery.

3rd Player arrived safe and sound at his new home and has settled in well.
Sept 2016 23rd Our second baby has arrived and its another filly :) A long time since we have had two fillies in a row at Loadstar lol. See Rebel on the foals page.

17th Luna has taken National Reserve Grand Champion at MH&PE National show with Renee Krischer :)

15th Diesel has gone to his new home and I am missing him already - but he has settled in brilliantly and I know he will be well loved.

7th Our first foal of the season is here - a stunning mini filly, we are thrilled with her - See Bowie on the foals page.    
June 2016 26th Our newest mare has arrived. Big thanks to Mandy for selling us Image.

The lovely Luna has gone to Anyssa Park for some shows, cant wait to see her prettied up again :)

25th Lego has gone to his new home and I am heartbroken - however I know he is in a great home and that's what counts.        
May 2016 9th Diesel has been sold and will leave for his new family once I am happy with his health again after his last home let him down :(

7th Player has sold to a wonderful home.

1st Indy has again done us proud at her third show, coming home with Champion classic trot and supreme champion youngstock show.
April 2016 3rd Indy has done us proud at her first two shows the MHAA and IMHR National shows. Thank you to her trainer, Anyssa Park, for an awesome result with Indy.
March 2016 25th Diesel is home, I am so relieved to have him back for the opportunity of finding him the great home he deserves, he needs a little TLC, but he will be all good in no time :)

21st Griffin is coming home from lease and we are buying Diesel back as his owner needs to re-home him - both boys are for sale to awesome long term homes only - see the Sales page.
Feb 2016 21st Player's buyer has defaulted and he is now offered for sale again, I have also put my other small horse youngsters up for sale - see the Sales page.
Dec 2015 9th Player has been sold as a show gelding :)

6th New photos added of our babies Lego, Player and Indy.
Nov 2015 27th Elle has had her 2015 baby, a stunning colt. See Player on the foals page.

8th Today we lost what I think was probably the nicest mini horse filly we have ever bred - losing any foal is heartbreaking and this one is particularly sad as we have now lost a foal 2 seasons in a row  :(
Sept 2015 26th Our first 2015 foal is here, see Lego on the foals page.

12th Our pretty girl Madi has gone to live with Kirby and Justin in SA for a 2016 baby, I wish them the best of luck for a stunning foal by their awesome stallion Voli :)
May 2015 16th Pitch has now been delivered to his new home, I'm really going to miss the tiny little dude, but he's in a great new family.

I preg tested Breeze today and she is in foal, thrilled :)
April 2015 11th Updates from Diesel, he has been clipped and attended his first show in less then a week of arriving in his new home, taking it all in stride like the awesome boy he is :)


5th Lots of changes this Easter... Luna went to her first show - see the beautiful photos on her page... and is now back home.
Diesel and Story left for their new homes in QLD, I wish their owners all the best with these lovely young horses.

Our new mare (Bye Bay Blues ~ aka Breeze) came home to Loadstar.
March 2015 15th We are pleased to announce the purchase of the lovely little mare Glenrowan Luckys Bye Bay Blues, see her on our mares page.

Jan 2015 27th Dance has been delivered to her new home, Tara has gone home to Willoughby Park and Luna has gone to QLD for some National prep...  my paddocks are looking quite empty :(

25th Diesel has been sold to QLD as a show gelding :)

10th New photos of Indy and Diesel on their photo pages.
Dec 2014 22nd Dance has been sold to a great home.

8th Story and Pitch have both been sold to great homes :)

6th new photos of Story and Indy.
Nov 2014 19th new photos of Diesel and Indy and the sales page has been updated.

18th  Song has been sold, a very hard sale, we will miss this beautiful girl. 
October 2014 26th Our last 2014 baby is here, see Indy on the foals page.

Story has been to her first show, the IMHR NSW State show and placed top 5 in halter from a large class and Champion Classic Head junior mare. At the same show Griffin placed Champion 2 year old and Reserve Grand Champion :) - Thanks Meambie Miniatures for the awesome results.

10th  Sadly Loadstar lost a beautiful foal today during foaling :( 
September 2014 30th Baby number 2 is here for 2014 - a very small black colt, see Pitch on the foals page.

26th a very sad day at Loadstar, the old girl who started it all was laid to rest, Goodbye sweet Stoli RIP.
13th New photos of Billy from his latest show, so much like his sire!


6th  Diesel and Griffin have both had new photos added to their photo pages - a couple of good looking silver bay boys :) 
August 2014 20th  Our first foal has arrived, a very impressive little colt :) See our foals page. 
July 2014 18th  Two "new" mares for Loadstar - who are not actually new lol ~ We now own Tara instead of leasing her and Madi is back home! 
June 2014 15th  Griff has had an awesome weekend of showing with Meambie Miniature Horses again - see his show page for results.

May 2014 31st - More good show results from Wiz babies - Griff has taken 1st and Reserve Champion from a top quality class at Gouldbourn Youngstock show with meambie Minis and congrats to Silver Oak Whizz Ranchero - Reserve champion mini foal & it was his first show :)

24th - News from Griffs lease home, Meambie minis had a very successful first show with Griff being awarded champion mini at the Southern NSW Foal and Young stock Show.

23rd - We very sadly farewelled Pepper tonight and while we didn't own her, I did foal her down and raise her for nearly 8 months, so it was as hard as saying goodbye to a Loadstar baby. A real sweetie in every way, we will miss little tiny Pepper.

12th Griffin is settling in beautifully at his lease home at Meambie minis, its great that he is having so much fun with his new little girl and we love hearing about their adventures  :)

1st We had the heartbreaking news that Loki is now deceased :(  This is the first time a Loadstar foal has died and all because some totally irresponsible dog owners allowed their hunting dogs to roam... Loki's owners and all of us at Loadstar are going to miss the little guy, he really was such a sweetheart. RIP Loki.

April 2014 19th Very sad farewell to Loki today, he is now settling in with his new family, he's such a sweet little guy, I will miss him a lot.

18th - The beautiful stallion Arlie has left Anyssa Park for his new home in Victoria today - we will all miss him, but know he will love being the only stallion in his new home :)
March 2014 28th A bit of change here at Loadstar:
Our beautiful Lizzy has gone to her new home in WA - very sad for us, but thrilled to hear she handled the massive trip well and is settling in nicely.
At the same time we welcome to our family the lovely mare Bluegables Abbys Ginza Pearl AND it would seem that our filly Story is staying with us and I am not at all unhappy about it :)
Feb 2014 26th Foals due page has been updated for next season... we have some special babies cooking :)

Jan 2014 27th Today our beautiful baby Loki has found his new home (on weaning)... a lovely family, we know its the right home for him.

25th Griff has gone to QLD to be show trained by the awesome boys at Reddiston Park. Watch for him at the Nats this year :)

19th Our sales page has been updated - and photos of Griff, Loki and Story have been added.
Dec 2013 13th Our sales page has been updated - some beautiful babies for sale...
1st - Arlie has been sold, a sad but necessary sale, he will love being the only stallion on the property again :) I will always be proud to say we owned such a magnificent horse.
Nov 2013 30th - Our third and final baby is here safe and sound :) See little Luna on the foals page.

23rd - all foals have new photos and so does Griffin.

15th - Our beautiful Lizzy has been sold, such a sad sale, but she has a great new home to go to once she is ready to wean her current colt.

2nd - Our second foal is here - a really pretty chestnut colt - see Loki on the foals page.
Oct 2013 20th - Billy's show page has been updated with results and pics. Thanks to Stacey for providing the update.

19th - New photos of both foals.

6th - Our first 2013 baby is here and its a FILLY - woohoo :) See Story 2 Tell on the foals page.

The lovely Willoughby Park filly born here in September has also been added to the foals page :)

July 2013 7th - Yoshi takes Supreme Miniature Exhibit at Dayboro show.  He is doing so well :)

June 2013 27nd - Its official, Yoshi has been sold - such a hard sale for me, he's just such a lovely boy... but also the last of the foals I raised while going through chemo, so they had a special place here, but I am very happy with the amazing homes they have... 

22nd - Yoshi takes runner up Supreme Miniature Exhibit at Rosewood show :)

Kirby has left for his new home - and although I know he is SO going to love all the attention his new family will give him - I am really going to miss my little pirate :(

15th - Yoshi takes Champion at Kalbar show :)

1st - Yoshi takes Reserve Champion at Lowood

May 2013 26th - Yoshi takes SUPREME MINIATURE EXHIBIT at QLD MHAA foal futurities - he is doing so well in QLD with Reddiston Park :)

25th - Yoshi takes 1st and Reserve Champion at the IMHR Youngstock show in QLD

19th - We have found the perfect home for Kirby - with his own little girl to spoil him rotten - and I suspect her older brother might help, even tho Kirby isn't a computer game :) 
April 2013 22nd - Yoshi takes Supreme Miniature Horse Exhibit at AMHS Golden Buckle :)

15th - Show results page added for Billy :)

7th - Sales page updated, Arlie is for sale to an approved home.

1st - New photos of Yoshi at MHAA Nats.
And what a good looking boy he is.
Feb 2013 3rd - New photos of Griff.
Jan 2013 27th - Our "foals Due" page has been updated - very exciting.
Yoshi is now in training with Reddiston Park in QLD :)
Dec 2012 16th - new pics of our boy Griff - just loving this colt :)
Nov 2012 19th - Our one and only 2012 baby is her, see the beautiful Griff on the foals page.

AND update on Billy after his first show :)

4th - Clipped photos of the beautiful Billy Boy.
Sept 2012 24th - Our beautiful Billy has been sold, I was looking for a special home for this boy and I am very happy with his new mum :)
April 2012

21st -  See new pics of both beautiful girls - Dance and Song from Nationals and when I got them home from Nats, on their photos pages. 

8th - Our girls Dance and Song are back from the MHAA Nationals - we are thrilled with their results and their awesome care and presentation by Reddiston park - thank you boys.

Huge congrats to Willoughby Park on their MHAA National success with their Arlie and Wiz babies - YAY :)

Feb 2012

12th - Our new filly is here, see Belle on her page... We now have a Mel, Elle and Belle - I think it might get a bit MORE confusing around here!!!
And finally new photos of Kiss - check out her movement on her photos page.

6th - Kirby is now fully recovered from the operation to remove his eye - he is an amazing young boy, losing his eye has not slowed him down at all, he is far too busy getting up to mischief :)


Jan 2012

29th - Both Dance and Song are now with Reddiston Park for some training and show prep - can't wait to see my beautiful girls looking even better :)

25th - Billy is now for sale.

20th - Yoshi has now been listed for sale.

12th - Yoshi's colour test is back - he is LWO+ and homozygous for agouti, negative for grey.

Dec 2011

30th - New foal photos on their photo pages :)

21st - Madi has been sold, she will leave for her new home once she has settled to Wizard.

15th - our 3rd and final 2011 baby is here safe and sound :) see him on the foals page...

4th - Our second 2011 baby is here, see him on the foals page :)

Song's colour results are back, she has tested positive to LWO.

Oct 2011 24th - Our first 2011 baby is here, see him on the foals page :)

22nd - SONG IS HOME :)  I am so happy to have her back, she has settled in very well with her paternal sister Dance.

All of Wizard's and Arlie's Willoughby Park babies have arrived safe and sound - and they are beautiful!  See them on the foals page.
Sept 2011 14th - Wizards first 2011 baby is here - HUGE congrats to Donna and Steve on the arrival of a gorgeous black pinto filly :)

11th - I've finally updated Songs QLD State results see them here.

June 2011 5th - Lots of little updates from April and May - incl fun photos.
April 2011 30th - Song has been to MHAA and IMHR Nats, see her results and new photos on her pages.

  A MASSIVE thanks to Lyn Whitehead for going 'above and beyond' in her efforts to get Song thru a bout of colic at the MHAA Nats... Lyn you're a legend :)

22nd - Wiz is finally home :) But on the way he detoured for a photo shoot - BIG thanks to Reddiston Park who prepped him for the shoot and to the photographer, Leane Bayley... see some of the awesome photos on his page.

March 2011 19th - Arlie has gone home to Anyssa Park :(
He may have only been here for 2.5 months, but he made a real impact, a simply stunning horse who is full of character, we look forward to Arlie's next visit :)
The good news is that Mel and Elle are back from visiting their boyfriends - big thanks to Anyssa Park and Lai Lai Miniatures for taking great care of our girls.

5th - Ozzie has left us for his new home, we will miss him greatly, he is such a sweet boy.

Feb 2011 16th - Ozzie has been sold to a home that is perfect for him :)

12th - New photos of our bay babies :)  see the foals photo pages to see how they are maturing.

Rivers final 2010 baby has arrived for Lai Lai stud, see him on Rivers foal page.

Jan 2011 19th - Sales page updated.

6th - Arlie is visiting his second home here at Loadstar  and bringing a whole lot of awesome to our paddocks :) - new photos on his pages.

3rd - 2010 foal's photo pages updated and new photos of River.
Nov 2010 29th -  New photos of our bay babies :)

12th - Stormi has been leased by Beck and Luke King.

8th - BOTH of our 2010 babies have arrived just 24 hours apart :) see our beautiful girls on the foals page.
Oct 2010 11th - Our foals page has been updated with news of 2 gorgeous babies from outside mares by our lovely boys... 1 by River and 1 by Wiz.
Aug 2010 28th - Song has gone to the MHAA QLD State and IMHR QLD States shows and done us proud :) See her results here...

1st - Our beautiful Song takes Supreme Champion at her second show :)
July 2010 11th - Sales page updated thanks to a buyer defaulting on Stormi & Madi.
May 2010 26th - Song has gone to QLD for some training and showing, stay tuned for more info on the lovely Song...

22nd - Jazz has all been sold to wonderful homes.
Madi and Stormi have been sold together...

16th - Sales page updated.
April 2010 18th - New photos of the stunning Arlie!
Feb 2010 16th - Stunning new mare coming to Loadstar.

13th - Kid has been sold to a wonderful home :)

11th - Exciting new stallion for Loadstar & Anyssa Park.

The Sales page has been updated.
Jan 2010 23rd - Rivers final 2009 foal has arrived - another very pretty filly, see his foals page for photos.

6th - We would like to send a HUGE congratulations to A&K Miniature Lodge for their colt A&K A Touch Of Wizardry - Wizards first son - being awarded SH junior colt Highpoint Champion 2009... we are thrilled that Little Wiz has followed in his sires hoofprints and taken highpoint champion :)

Dec 2009 30th - all babies have new photos on their photo pages and the fun page.

23rd - The 2 colt's photo pages have been updated... after a bit of water games

22nd - Song is no longer for sale.

Nov 2009 23rd - The foal's photo pages have all been updated...

13th - With MUCH sadness we say good-bye to Drummer, after 22 years of friendship the paddocks will never feel the same...
In riding a horse, we borrow freedom.
Helen Thompson

5th - New photos on Songs page and the fun photos page.

Oct 2009 29th - New photos on the foal photo pages.

26th - Elle has foaled, our last 2009 foal is here safe and sound - see the foals page...

18th - Stormi has foaled, congratulations to Renee on a stunning filly - see the foals page...

13th - Our second 2009 foal has arrived, see Kid on the foals page...

3rd - More photos of the gorgeous Ozzie and a cute shot on the fun page.
Sept 2009 20th - Heaps of new photos of the lovely Ozzie :)

15th - Our first 2009 baby has arrived - and he is the image of his dad... see our foals page.

12th - River has gone to stay at Lai Lai stud for the 2009 season.  We hope he leaves some lovely babies for Karen and her family.

We also receive news today that River has just sired a lovely buckskin filly.
August 2009 9th - Stormi has gone to Anyssa Park where she will have her first foal. She's not been here long, but we know she is in good hands and look forward to her return next year.
July 2009 18th - Colour results are back for River and Stormi.

11th - We have preg tested tiny little Stormi and she has tested in foal, such a small mare to be in foal so young :(
June 2009 28th - Pip has gone to her new home... after owning her for so long we will miss her.

28th - Our new filly has arrived... see Stormi on her page...

27th - Piper (now renamed to Ben) has left us for his new home, each time a horse leaves it's hard on us and this goodbye was no exception.
May 2009 Star & Rocket have gone to their new home - we will miss them both, but know they are in a great home.
Also Cookie and her new family are doing well in the show ring - see her show page for details.
April 2009 Ruby is home after competing at the IMHR National - see lots of new photos of the pretty girl on her pages.  Also Cookie left the Nats with her new family... we wish the Compton's the best of luck with her, there are lots of new photos of Cookie Monster on her pages.
March 2009 20th - Ruby takes Champion AMHA mare/filly at Castle Hill, see her show page for results.
Feb 2009 20th - Rhaps and Sam have left us for their new home, a very sad day for us as they are such lovely horses, they will be greatly missed.

12th - Its with sadness that we have sold Rhaps and Pip - two mares I adore... but to reduce our number of horses, we had to make a few hard decisions...

1st - Ruby has attended her first show - as expected she has clipped up brilliantly and is oh so pretty...
Jan 2009 15th - Madi's DNA tests have come back, she is LWO positive.

10th - Piper has been sold, congratulations to Maureen and Roy on purchasing this sweet little boy.

ALSO Ruby has gone to visit Anyssa Park for some training, watch for her with Renee at some shows in the near future.

4th - Star and her lovely colt Rocket have been sold. Star was an unexpected sale, but when the perfect home presented itself for our girl we made the hard decision to sell her, Rocket is also fortunate enough to be going to live with his mum in this great home.
Dec 2008 20th - Our last foal has arrived ~ see Stars little boy on the foals page. All our babies arrived early this year and I am very happy to be putting the foaling alarm away for another season :)

7th - Pip has foaled, see her lovely colt on the foals page.
Nov 2008 27th - Rhaps has foaled, see her lovely colt "Sam" on the foals page...

5th - Jazz and Cookie are doing SO WELL in the ring... following in their sires hoofprints! See their show pages for latest results:  Jazz || Cookie.
October 2008 26th - Jazz and Cookie have just had their first weekend of showing - and we are thrilled with the results, a HUGE thank you to Anyssa Park for doing so well with our babies. See their new show pages:  Jazz || Cookie.

13th - Jazz and Cookie have commenced training at Anyssa Park, check out the before and after page to see their first clip jobs :)

8th - Our first baby is here and she's lovely, check Madi out on the foals page...
Sept 2008 26th - Wizards only 2008 baby has arrived - a HUGE congratulations to all at A&K Miniature Lodge on the safe arrival of your lovely pinto colt.
20th - Lots happening at Loadstar today, both Pip AND Star were confirmed in foal and River has been leased for the coming season.

1st - The lovely Nevada, nearly 5 years old and looking great - A big thankyou to Linda for sending us updates of Pips baby...
August 2008 16th - I can not believe it, I did a preg test on Rhaps today using "Wee foal checker" and it says she is pregnant...
rd - Hunny has left us for her new home :(
July 2008 9th - Hunny has a new home, we are so pleased with it, we know she will be very well looked after.
April 2008 30th - We are offering Hunny for sale on behalf...

27th - Wizard is finally home from his EI extended stay in QLD.

21st - Cowboy has left for his new home... I wish his new owner all the best with him, he really does deserve a great home.

5th - Mysti has left us for her new home, good luck to Lisa and family with this pretty girl, we hope she gives you stunning babies in the future.

March 2008 24th - It is with much sadness we end our lease of the lovely Hunny.
Feb 2008 5th - Mysti has been sold and we could not be happier with her new home.
Jan 2008 12th - I have been wondering about Cookie's colour for a little while, and we now know she is a silver dapple, not chestnut :) ain't colour fun LOL
Dec 2007 28th - Its been awhile since I updated - in the last month my parents sold their property and we now have all the horses on my property.

I have added more photos to little Jazz's photo page, she is now a month old and is just gorgeous.

I have also received updated news on Woody the lovely arab gelding that I sold 4 years ago.

cheers Jackie.

Nov 2007  27th - Our final 2007 baby is here... see our lovely little Jazz on the foals page.

25th - Wizard has just been awarded MHAA QLD Junior Stallion High Point Champion... We thank A&K Miniature Lodge for the great job they have done with our boy... well done Wiz.

19th - We have updated news on our first ever foal... See Nippa's page for new photos.

18th - Elle has gone to visit an outside stallion... more details soon.

Sept 2007     

25th - Our second baby is here... another lovely filly.

9th - Our first foal has arrived... see our lovely filly on the foals page.

August 2007     

11th - Wizard has done incredibly well at the IMHR QLD State Titles...

10th - Cowboy has been sold, we will miss the  little guy.

3rd - Cowboy is sadly being offered for sale.

July 2007      

29th - Wizard takes Supreme Miniature Exhibit @ Mt Gravatt.

15th - Wiz takes Supreme @ Dayboro.

14th - Our new mare is here... see more on the Elle's page.

8th - Wizard takes Supreme Champion @ Mudgeeraba show.

7th - Wizard takes Reserve Champion @ Redcliffe show.

June 2007    

30th - Mares have been scanned again, see our foals page for details.

Wizard takes Supreme Champion @ Woodford show.

Wizard takes Reserve Champion @ Caboolture show.

May 2007    


Cowboy is home... we welcome back our lovely little man... while he came home to us in terrible condition, the poor little guy is getting stronger by the day.

Wizard takes champion @ Gympie Show.

Sunny has gone to live in a fantastic new home...

April 2007       

Wizard takes Supreme Miniature Horse @ Kilcoy...

I have borrowed an ultra-sound machine from our good friends at Rapidash, see the results (so far) on our foals page.

Mysti's buyer has defaulted, we now get to look forward to another Wizard baby later this year :) 

See Wizard's excellent MHAA National Show Results...

 March 2007     

Sunny is back... We are pleased to announce the return of Stormy's last baby.

We are in the process of buying a new mare, stay tuned for more info...

Feb 2007      

Wizard's gone to QLD for the 2007 show season...