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More photos

September 2014 Griff at Harden Show with Meambie Minis

Photo by Zelvan Hoofprints photography

15 June 2014 Griff and his kids :)  Meambie Minis take Supreme Champion at
Cootamundra Foal and Youngstock show :)  Look at that beautiful head

21 April home from Nats and enjoying a sunny day with no rugs

18 April show prepped by Reddiston park - such a pretty boy.

19 January, my beautiful boy has lost most of his coat with the heat we've had...
He's a beautiful colour with his gorgeous blonde mane and tail.

Griff is now a yearling... still got a lot of coat to lose


Below: 3 Feb 2013, been too long since Griffs photo has been taken, so these should
make up for it :)


If I stand near this really big post I look smaller :)

Below: 26 December, Griff came out of his paddock to hang out after Christmas...

Below: 17 December, such a friendly boy, he has to be involved
 in everything, just like his mum.

Below: 16 December - nearly a month old now.

Below: Griff's first feel of rain...

Griff and Bear are great mates :)

Below: 6 Days old and Griff is out of the foaling paddock for the first time :)

Below: 20 November 2012 - day 2


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