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Occasionally we manage to have a camera handy and catch the minis up to no good...
Check back for updates.

below:  December 2013 -Story looks like a giant next to her niece Luna, amazing what a 2 month age difference looks like in mini foals :)  Here Luna is meeting another horse with no fence in the middle for the first time - and poor Story was minding her own business then met Miss attitude!!!

below:  June 2013 - My gorgeous little pirate Kirby -
18 months old and still so small that you can hardly see him in the float... 

below:  I just had to show these pics side by side - like father, like son :) 
Wiz and Oz, both caught jumping over rocks...
And now... granddaughter Luna getting in on the action :)

below: 23 April 2011 Justin letting Wiz use up a bit of energy... getting a bit of "air time" :)

below: April 2011 My youngest niece Alice at 9mths old, who's parents insist on making her grow up in WA - FAR too far away from us all - finally got to see the minis. Her biggest problem was deciding which one to ride next :)


below: 30 December 2009, the babies playing


Below: 11 November 2009, too many babies, not enough hands...

Below: 5 November 2009 - The two brothers roughing it up, and they wonder why
Song is not allowed in with them yet!!

Below: 17 October 2009 - MWAAAA Bear gives Kid a big kiss.

Below: 3 October 2009 - Ozzie helping me feed 31 year old Drummer;
not sure Drum thought it was such a good idea!

Below: 18 Feb 09 - the babies playing in the float...

Below: 7/8 Feb 09 - been a long time since I updated this page, so here are a few photos
taken of the kids, horses and dogs cooling down on 40 degree days!

young Sam was very helpful - finding the kids thongs and bringing them to me!

While young Madi was just keen to get all the attention away from the dogs...



Below: 24 February 2008
Somebody say VISITOR?
When Donna came for a visit from QLD she may have had a bit 
more attention then she expected...

Cookie wearing Donna's hat.  Ruby with an itch.

Donna being mobbed

Telling secrets...


Below: 16 April 2006
There's no way my kids can have an Easter Egg hunt WITHOUT the horses being involved :)
The horses didn't like the eggs, but it didn't stop them thinking that they might like the NEXT one.

And yesssss - I know the horses are a BIT hairy - but it does get cold here after all.

C'mon kid - hand over the eggs...

Below: 3 march 2006
Photos of the 2 foals and Star (yearling) getting in the way and being pests - 
I am sure they think its their turn for a ride on the bikes...

Renee and Sunny
Caitlin and Cowboy

Les and Star - best mates!
And she wants his beer :)
 Caitlin and all 3 babies...

Below: December 2005
We leave the float in with foals once they are a couple of months old... 
they very quickly think of the float as another stable and never worry about loading.
Pictured here is Cowboy and Sunny, as well as last seasons filly, Star.



Below: February 17 2005
Star showing off as usual finds herself bucked right into the swimming pool
and into my fathers arms, while she is playing with him.
This didn't worry Star at all, she just went on bucking and rubbing herself all over her mum Stoli.




Below: 27 January 2005
River (2 years) and Stormy (3 years)
It might look a bit rough, but these two boys are best friends... 
a few minutes later they were eating out of the same feed bin.
They will run together, with other boys, all Winter.




I'll help you up Uncle Drum.
Drummer and 11 month old Nevada...  he really is very patient with the babies.

Nevada as a weanling in his favourite place ~ Under the kids trampoline.


The below photos were taken 27th November 2003... the girls and the colts...

Playing in the yard - then in our HOUSE, 
when the girls generously invite the colts in to their play area for a bit more fun...


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