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Our babies have started arriving :)

Loadstar Wizards Mischief Managed

Black colt
DOB: 3 December 2017
Reg pending MHAA and AMHA (US). 
BH: 20" at wither.

Loadstar HR Game 2 Play

Silver Bay colt
DOB: 24 December 2017
Reg pending MHAA and AMHA (US). 
BH: 22.5" at wither.


A ring in this year... we were very happy to assist in the foaling down of Anyssa Park Egyptian Fantasy for our good friend Renee.


Anyssa Park... name coming

Chestnut pinto colt
DOB: 2 January 2018

The first foal sired by Twist since we purchased him and this little guy is gorgeous!

Congratulations Anyssa Park :)


There is now only one baby expected for the 2017 season...
shall we lay bets on it being another colt :)


ERL Voltaire (imp USA)
Loadstar Dons Moonlight & Roses
Our dear friend Kirby got a stunning colt from this cross last year and we can't wait to meet our first Voli baby. Thank you so much Kirby for sending Madi home with such a special baby cooking.

What colour could this foal be?