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Loadstar Best Kept Secret

Silver Chestnut with flaxen mane/tail.
Reg MHAA and IMHR, eligible AMHA (US).
BH: 17 inches. Height at 18 months is 27.75".

Sire : SC Caspers Lord of the Dance
Dam :
Lindan Melodys Fire

A full US bred gelding, this baby is a double up on Boones Little Buckeroo, his pedigree also includes such greats as NFCs Fire & Ice, Rowdy, Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King, Bond Peppy Power and the lovely stallion Little Kings Locomotion.

He is lovely and fine, has excellent length of leg for a little boy, a nicely dished head and is very correct.  He will mature well under 34".

Cowboy definitely carries the silver (taffy) gene, he was born with a dilute eye and now has striped hooves.

Cowboy is an extrovert - he adores being the centre of attention, he will squeeze through the smallest of gaps to push other horses out of the way.

Update: Cowboy has been sold to a fantastic home were he will be a little boys best mate and live with American Saddlebreds and Border Collies at Texen Park, I hope he has a lovely life and all the cuddles he craves.

This little lad was a lovely surprise for us after his dam was bitten by a spider very early in her pregnancy and the vet was adamant  that the treatment would end her pregnancy... 
However the vets were wrong - and this stunning boy is the result.

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