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photo above by Horses and People

Mifoopen O Santarah

Black pinto.   August 2005
Registered MHAA, IMHR and AMHA (US)
DNA Parent qualified.
Height 32"

Sire : Mifoopen Show Biz's Odin
Dam :
Fallen Ash Farms Blue Divinity

Tara originally came to visit Loadstar to recover from QLD itch and while here gave birth to a beautiful black filly Willoughby Park Scouts Truth About Love.

We are pleased to say the visit has now become permanent and we thrilled to add her to our small herd here at Loadstar.

Tara is a very correct, sweet little mare.

We thank Donna for entrusting us with this lovely lady.

Sadly Tara lost her 2014 baby during birth - he was an exceptional foal, the Wiz x Tara cross worked brilliantly, if only the outcome could have been happier.

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Photo above by Renee Krischer