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1997 - 2014 RIP old girl.

26th September 2014 Stoli was laid to rest after a 12 month battle with cushings, she had spent almost the whole year in stables and yards, no fresh grass and being kept
on a strict diet that I am sure she thought tasted like cardboard - that is no way for a horse
to live... and so we made the hard choice and she spent her last day trying to make up for
the previous 12 months - pigging out on anything she wanted, including spring grass, high
protein horse food and loads of carrots :)  She had a great final day. RIP Stoli, you were an
awesome mare and very special. 

Loadstar Dance For Me

Bay with a star.  33.75".
DOB: 28 November 1997.
Registered MHAA, IMHR and MHI.

Sire: Rapsody Park Stormy
Dam: Rapsody Park Twinkle

Being my first mini, and a stubborn old bag, Stoli was very special to us here at Loadstar.

She was a real character, purchased as an unhandled 2 year old she took about a week to take over the place, she always has to be involved in everything!

Stol was not a lover of other horses - she preferred to spend her time with me and to have a paddock and stable of her own - as close to the house as possible :)

Stoli was a very correct, lovely bodied mare with nice straight legs, good length of rein, lovely big eyes and a good bite.

We hoped to get some stunning babies from this girl and she did not disappoint, her babies have been very fine and horse type.

Stoli wasn't one to over do it, 5 foals in 15 years proves that. Her final foal for us is a stunning silver bay colt by Wiz, see Griffin on his own page...

With thanks to Loadstar Wizards Dance Bay B Dance and Loadstar Hes A Wiz Kid, my special girl Stoli won National Champion Progeny of Miniature Mare at the MHAA 2012 National show :)

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