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More photos

Photos from MHAA QLD State show.
photos by Agile Photography

Below: Photos of Song at 2012 MHAA Nationals

Above photo by Donna Shapland ;)

The above two pics taken by Sharon Reid :)

Below: Photos of Song aftert 2012 MHAA Nationals -back out in the paddock.


Below: Photos at IMHR QLD State show 2011
photos by Renee Krischer.


Below: Photos of Song at MHAA Nationals 2011 - 18 months old.

Below: Photos of Song at IMHR QLD State show 2010
Photos by Donna Shapland.

below: Song finding a new friend at Willoughby Park
Photos by Donna Shapland.

lalala laaaaaaa

below: 3 July 2010 Redcliff show

photo courtesy of Tina Bowling.

below:30 December 09
New paddock means its time to show off...


below:23 Nov 09.


below:11 Nov 09.

below:5 Nov 09.

below:29 Oct 09.

below:26 Oct 09.

  loadstar wizards song 2 sing

below:26 Oct 09 New born and covered in mud!

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