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Our only 2002 baby...


Loadstar Signa Inferre

Chestnut with extensive ticking.
September 2002.  Reg MHAA.
BH: 18.5 inches.

Sire : Mifoopen Spolia Opima
Dam :
Our Way Moonbeam 

By Mifoopen Spolia Opima, who is a grandson of the great Orion- Light Van't Huttenest, and out of a lovely little pali mare we have since sold.

A lovely little gelding, he was our first ever Loadstar mini horse foal...

Nips temperament is just outstanding, an outgoing, cheeky baby that grew in to a little girls best friend.


Congratulations to the Beard family on the purchase of this lovely little boy, I am sure he will be a much loved member of your family.

We really want to thank Janelle, Breanna and their family for providing such a great home for Nippa - 
We could not have asked for a better home for the little guy!

Sales update: January 2003 - Nippa was the surprise Christmas present ... 

"...you have made one little girl the happiest in the world. The look on her face was priceless...

She has been wonderful with him and vice versa. Nippa has been an absolute dream. He follows her around everywhere..."


November 07 - Some lovely updated photos of Nippa, who is now 5 years old - how time flies... 


"...He and Breanna really are the best of friends... We all love him to death..."

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