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Photos of Diesel

Below: 23 May IMHR Youngstock show.
4th weanling gelding, 1st best dilute colour, 1st classic gelding head

Clipped and shown by Serena Ash

Below: 12 April - photos of the boy at his first show, just a week after arriving in QLD at his new home :)

Below: 13 December

Below: 6 December

Below: 13 December, losing his head and neck coat, but still pretty hairy legs and body :)


Below: 16 November been playing in the rain... such a good looking colt, pity the thick hair
hides just how nice he is!


Below: 6 September 2014 out in the big paddock for the first time

Below: 24 August 2014 and there is no slowing this boy down!
He's either running laps or climbing all over me :)

Below: 23 August 2014 first day out of the foaling yard.

Diesel's first 2 days.


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