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More photos of Ozzie

Below: 30 December 09.
New paddock means new things to look at...

Below: 23 December 09.
Sprayed with the hose, Ozzie didn't go as far as Kid and roll in the mud puddle...


Below: 22 November 09.
I'm amazed little Ozzie has so much energy, in days of 38 degrees, with
his oh so thick coat and he still insists on following me all over the paddock!


And play with his little brother.

Below: 29th October 09.

Having a chat with his "little" bro Kid.

Ozzie is SOOO hairy now its hard to see the gorgeous little man under that coat!



   Below: 3rd October 09.

Sometimes a small rock needs a massive leap!

Below: 20th Sept 09.

Playing while dad watches on.                                 Helping mum eat...

Supervising all the work.

Its been a long day!

Below: 19th Sept First time out of the foaling yard...

 Below: 17th Sept playing with the dogs (thru the fence)...


Below: Day 1, 15th Sept

Below: New born, 15th Sept

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