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More photos of Kiss

Below: Feb 12 2012
Its been a long time since I updated pics of Kiss... today she was showing off when
she got a new paddock mate, so heres some photos of her awesome movement...



Below: 12th Feb 2011
The foals decide to have a hoon around the paddock - of course by the time I get
my camera its all over and they are both exhausted... But it did mean they
were too tired to follow me and I could get some different angle photos :)




Below: 29th Jan 2011

Below: 3rd Jan 2011


Below: 22nd Dec 2010... she's in there somewhere

Below: 19th Dec 2010

Below: 29th Nov 2010 - 3 weeks old


Below: 21st Nov 2010 - nearly 2 weeks old

Below: 9th Nov 2010

Below: 8th Nov 2010

Below: 7th November 2010


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