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In 2011 we had three foals ....

Once again we were very lucky to have our babies
arrive safe and sound and BEAUTIFUL!

Loadstar Warriors White Noise

Chestnut sabino overo colt
DOB: 24 October 2011
Reg MHAA, pending AMHA(US) & IMHR 
BH: 20.5" at wither.  More...


Loadstar TBM Ever After

Black sabino colt
DOB: 4 Dec 2011
BH: 22" at wither.  More...


Loadstar Cry Me A River

Silver smokey black colt (gelded)
DOB: 15 Dec 2011
Reg Elig MHAA & AMHA(US)
BH: 17" at wither.  More...

In 2012 we had just the one beautiful baby ....

Loadstar Wizards Sweet Talker

Silver bay colt
DOB: 19 November 2012
Reg pending MHAA & IMHR 
BH: 24" at wither.  More...

In 2013 we had three foals born for loadstar and one for Willoughby Park :)

Another year of beautiful babies and we could not be happier.


Loadstar BNO My Heart Sings

Black pinto filly
DOB: 30 November 2013
Reg MHAA, Full US. 
BH: 21" at wither.


Loadstar Wizards Step In My Groove

Sadly deceased.

Chestnut sabino colt
DOB: 2 November 2013
BH: 25" at wither.

Loadstar Wizards Story 2 Tell

Silver bay sabino filly
DOB: 6 Oct 2013
Reg MHAA. 
BH: 22" at wither.

Willoughby Park Scouts Truth About Love

Black filly
DOB: 16 September 2013
BH: 19" at wither. More...
She's not a Loadstar foal, but being born here makes her an honorary part of the family :)   Proudly bred by Willoughby park


A hard year at Loadstar with a lot of vet visits, we said goodbye to some of our
4 legged family and then lost a beautiful foal at birth - the good news being the
3 gorgeous babies we had :)


Loadstar Til The Love Runs Out

Silver bay LWO+ colt
DOB: 20 August 2014
Reg pending MHAA and AMHA(US) 
BH: 21.5" at wither.  More...

Loadstar Pitch Black

Black colt
DOB: 30 September 2014
Reg pending MHAA and AMHA(US) 
BH: 17.5" at wither.  More...

Sadly we lost our 3rd foal of the season - a really pretty silver dapple pinto colt by Wizard, out of Tara. RIP little man.

Loadstar TBM Romanticaa

Bay pintaloosa filly
DOB: 25 October 2014
Reg pending MHAA and AMHA(US) 
BH: 22" at wither.  More...

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