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Lindan Melodys Fire

Extended Pedigree


Hunt House Farms Star Fire (imp)

NFCs Fire & Ice

Bond Peppy Power

Bond Showboy*

Bond Timbal Bond Little Joe*  
Bond Mamas Measure*  
NFCs Apache Rose Dels Apache

Dell Teras Dr Sphinx Dell Teras J Willie*
Dell Teras Teresa*
Dell Teras Miss Marlena*  
Flying W Farms Sweet Rosie OGrady Little Toy My Golden Toy

(Realization x Red Lady Bug)

Little Golden Queen
(Realization x Red Lady Bug)
Flying W Farms Highland Fling Highland Lad*
Highland Spring Lady*
Rocking M Jessica Little Kings Willie Makeit Komokos Mountain Dew *    
Komokos Little Sissy Komokos JJ *  
Komokos Princess *  
Circle H Abelina *      
Alamos Locomotions Bay Serenade (imp)

Little Kings Locomotion

Boones Little Buckeroo

Poplar Lane's Sampson

Johnston's Vanilla

Gold Melody Boy

Lightning Bug 

(Realization x Daffodil)

Ginns Melody
(Dunrovin's Silver Largo x Sheba W )
Vanilla 3rd Merry's Golden Mohawk* (Euless Royal Flush x Countess Largo of Montrose)
Hemlock Brooks Spunky Dude

Dell Teras Lord of the Isles

Dell Teras Buttons*

Dell Teras Silver Mist*  
Mine of Lingerlong*    
Bar B Velvet Time Dell Teras Prime Time Dell Teras Bronco Irsul Vant Huttenest

Ursula *
Vodka *  
Dell Teras Miss Kentucky Dell Teras Dr Sphinx Dell Teras J Willie*
Dell Teras Teresa*
Dell Teras Sophia *  
kegleys black velvet *      


NOTE: Some of the horses in the above pedigree may be unregistered or reg shetland ponies/mini ponies etc.
If you see an error, or can help fill a gap, please email me, it would be greatly appreciated . Cheers Jackie


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