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Loadstar Wizards Song 2 Sing
Extended Pedigree


Lindisfarm Tricksters High Wizardry (imp NZ)

Bluegables Mister trickster

Griffins Abracadabra


Sligo Little Sugar Daddy Jr Sligo Little Sugar Daddy Sligo Tiny Tim*    
Brown Sugar*    
NFCs Rowdys Velvet Touch Rowdy

Kewpies Sun Kewpie Doll's Oracle extended pedigree

Alman's Baby Doll    
Dell Teras Red Velvet Dell Teras Little Joe Dels Little Man*  
Dels Bobbin*  
Dell Teras Miss Rhode Island Dell Teras Red baron Dell Teras Moon Man (Stouts Mister Pride * X Stouts Mona Lisa *)
Dell Teras Barabara S*
Del Terras Heidi*  
La Vista Little miss Remarkable NFCs remarkable Rowdy Rowdy

Kewpies Sun Kewpie Doll's Oracle extended pedigree

Alman's Baby Doll    
Kobeks Velvet Lady Komokos Dusty Devil Komokos Little Champ Komokos Bo Jangles*
Komokos Sandy*
Mini Pearl *  
L + D Dolly Molly Pistols Casey Branaman Goforth Little Pistol *
Fishers Lady Sorrel *
Soats Brown Sugar*  
Shortviews Princess Daisy San Antonios Little Prince Lil Kellum Prince

Ohios Little Darsena Dels Charlie Brown Dels Golden Nugget *
Dels Lucy Brown*
Ohios Tiny Show Girl*  
Shortviews Lady Lina Lynn Shortviews Sir William Ralph HNF Senior *  
Short Views Lady Mindy  
Shortviews Lady Jessie    
Hampton Park Colour Class

Bond Flashing Fury

Bond Apollo  Bond Sir Galahad *

Bond Samantha      
Bond Clementine Bond Little Joe      
Bond Free Lance      
RMDS St Patty Teddy Eagle Rock Boy *      
Little Pole Cat *      
RMDS Top Notch RMDS little Chief *      
RMDS Spotted Lady      
Our Lil Dobbins Steppins Mooneclips 

Cross Country Steppin for the Moon (imp)


Lazy N Red Boy (dec)




Kewpies Sun

Kewpie Doll's Oracle
Toppers Larigo Starlight 
(shetland pony)
Alman's Baby Doll *      




Cross Country Fantasy Lady  *        
Ocalas Fancy Lady *        
Andrews Red Coats Starcy



Mini Bits Little Red Coat Bar

Crescents Sparky


Double O Seven and a half Moto

Double O Seven Moto

Lannie Moto (unreg) *
Crescents Bonnie Blue *





Peggys Molly





 Circle H Jesters Jubilee
Bond Master Jester
 Bond Jimbo Burghers Tiny * *  
Bond Pee Wee *    
Bond Encore
Bond Sir Galahad*
Bond Samantha *    
Stonegates Little Cinder Burghers Go Go Man
Chocolatico *
Lil Ponderosa Mitzy *    
Burghers Tiny *      


NOTE: Some of the horses in the above pedigree may be unregistered or reg shetland ponies/mini ponies etc.
If you see an error, or can help fill a gap, please email me, it would be greatly appreciated . Cheers Jackie


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