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Glenmar Park Teddys Black Magic

Extended Pedigree

Glenmar Park Teddys Black Magic

Arlie is full brother to: 
Bernaroo Park Teddys Just Magic
Teddys Magic Zeus - exp NZ
King Park Amazon Queen
King Park Queen Of Hearts 

Sire :
SC Ima Buckeroo Too


Happy Appy

Orion Light Vant Huttenest

Del Teras Jane Del Teras Firelight   Del Teras Fields Delight Fields Little Boy
Fields Katie
Del Teras Maggie  *
Del Teras Miss *  
Umbrella Bird Vant Huttenest

Orange Light Vant Huttenest

Bruintje *  
Karma Vant Huttenest *  
Onyx Bird Vant Huttenest Irsul Vant Huttenest

Volmar *
 Ursula *

Jesusbelle Vant Huttenest

Boy Du Sodar  
Sitelle Vant Huttenest Negus De Mury Marais
Nielle Vant Huttenest
Winners Circle Lollipop

Lil Abner  

KS Kadet

Soats Lil Cochise *
Soats Gypsy Girl *    
Shasta Daisy  Silhouette Acres Mr Silhouette *    
Silhouette Acres Daisy May *  


Spice of life Sassafras

Boones Little Buckeroo

 Poplar Lanes Sampson *

Johnstons Vanilla

Gold Melody Boy

Vanilla 3rd  
Boones Little Cinder *    
Glenmar Park Dancers Magic Dream


Burnside venture Komokos Chief Running Bear

Deal Teras Eagle

Dell Teras Jim Dandy *  
Dell Teras Judy    
King Tuts Tinker Bell Komokos King Tut

Komokos Molly B *  
Komokos Princess Hiawatha
Komokos Leopard Eagle The Leopard One *  
Senorita Lady *  
 Komokos Moon Dove *    
Mystiques Magic Dancer Ashly Acres Tiny Tim Lazy Acres Pop Corn Sam Dels Charlie Brown Dels Golden Nugget *  
Dels Lucy Brown *  
Delightful Moto Marvilous Moto *  
Lannie Moto *  
Ohios Buckeye Queen Dels Charlie Brown Dels Golden Nugget *  
Dels Lucy Brown *  
Ohios Tiny Red Comet *  
Flying W Farms Magic Dancer Flying W Farms Wardance Flying W Farms Sundance *  
Flying W Farms Wildwood Rose Raffey*  
Flying W Farms Blue Mink Raffey *    
Silver Mink*    



NOTE: Some of the horses in the above pedigree may be unregistered or reg shetland ponies/mini ponies etc.
If you see an error, or can help fill a gap, please email me, it would be greatly appreciated . Cheers Jackie


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