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Photos of Madi

Below July 2014: Back home after nearly 3 years.
Pictured at nearly 6 years of age and very pregnant with her second baby.

Below 3 Dec 2011

Below - 3 years old, Nov 2011

Below - 2 years old


Below 1.5 years old


below: 24th January

below: 8th January

below: 4th January


below: 3rd January 09
A little bit podgy - but oh so pretty :)

below: 24th December

below: 21st December

below: 6 weeks old - 15th November


Below: 5 weeks old, 9th November
These first 3 photos below show Madi having a tantrum when I ran away from
her to try and take some photos - spoilt little brat!


Below: 2.5 weeks old, 25th October



  below: 3 days old

below: New born


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